Why is It Important for Organizations to Address Cyber Threats to...

Why is It Important for Organizations to Address Cyber Threats to the Cloud?

By Enterprise Networking Mag | Monday, December 02, 2019

Irrespective of the security provided by CSPs, organizations should also enhance their security practices when their operations depend on the cloud.

FREMONT, CA: Over the past decades, cloud computing has evolved at an incredible speed enabling businesses to derive full benefit out of it. This ever-expanding cloud environment gives rise to new types of risk. Businesses, on the other hand, in spite of protecting their existing IT environment, should also find new ways to secure their multiple cloud services, associated applications, and underlying technical infrastructure. The teams at the enterprises that use the cloud environment to store confidential data do not know whether to believe their cloud service providers (CSPs). Although CSPs provide a certain level of security, cloud-related security incidents do occur.

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CSPs are not entirely responsible for the security of their customers’ valuable information assets. It relies equally on the customer’s ability to implement the right level of information controls. No matter how complex and heterogeneous the cloud environment is, organizations should be able to address the cyber threats targeting the cloud environment successfully. This requires organizations to thoroughly understand and address the different challenges presented by the cloud environment. Some of them include appropriate identification and maintenance of the security controls, balance between the CSP and the cloud customer for security, and meeting regulatory requirements to protect critical data in the cloud environment.

Organizations these days should operate at a fast pace through innovation to stay ahead of the competition. Cloud services are a better option for its ability to provide elasticity, scalability, and flexibility to compete. But the cloud environment has become an attractive target for cyberattacks highlighting the need for organizations to strengthen their security practices. However, implementing the fundamentals of cloud security can be a complicated task owing to the complex nature of the cloud environment. To implement this, organizations should call for good governance, deployment of core controls, and embrace effective security products and services. Furthermore, Organizations can choose from a variety of trends and technologies that will allow them to use cloud services. This can instill confidence among business leaders to use cloud while driving it towards the future confidently.

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