Why Free Wi-Fi Offered to Customers Must be Strong and Reliable

Why Free Wi-Fi Offered to Customers Must be Strong and Reliable

By Enterprise Networking Mag | Tuesday, July 28, 2020

While the companies offer free Wi-Fi to the customers, they must ensure that the connection is fast and reliable.

FREMONT, CA: By providing free Wi-Fi to the customers, the businesses will have a great chance to increase consumer loyalty towards their brand. However, access to free Wi-Fi for the customers might help the growth of the business, but it can also work against the organization if it decreases customers’ experience. The companies have to make sure that the Wi-Fi offered to the consumers works as a positive incentive due to which they must be aware of the factors through which free connection can hamper the sales.  Top 10 SD-WAN Companies in UK - 2020

Ensure the Connection Is Strong

Nowadays, customers expect to get a dependable and fast internet connection, and they might become easily discouraged if the Wi-Fi connection does not live up to their expectations. The consumers can get highly irritated if the connection is slow, and there are regular interruptions in the service. Therefore, with such a weak network connection, the company can get a reputation of unprofessionalism. It will not only defeat the purpose of offering free connection, but the customers frustrated with the service may not even come back to spend their hard-earned money. The companies must know about the issues that can affect the performance of the Wi-Fi so that they can offer a fast and reliable connection. 

Examine the Health of Network

It can be time-consuming, but the companies have to make sure that the LAN cabling is implemented accurately and with better working condition as the wireless offering will be as strong as the wired network. It is necessary to conduct diagnostic tests at regular intervals so that if there are any issues, they can attend it instantly. To enhance the health of the network and to secure the loose connection, it is essential to replace the old cables. 

Consider the Access Points

The companies must check the locations of the access points so that they can ensure the connection can offer optimum performance. The speed and consistency of the connection can get impacted if the settings of the channels are not accurate, and there is interference in the sources. Furthermore, the companies must perform a wireless site survey known as RF (Radio Frequency) so that they can be sure that the wireless technology coverage is sufficient. Furthermore, it will also make sure that the network capacity, roaming capabilities, and data rates are adequate to offer a better user experience. 

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