Why Enterprises are Focusing More on Hybrid-Cloud Infrastructure

Why Enterprises are Focusing More on Hybrid-Cloud Infrastructure

By Enterprise Networking Mag | Wednesday, July 08, 2020

The demand for cloud services is increasing rapidly in the market, and hence, the enterprises are also trying to move into a hybrid model.

FREMONT, CA: The adoption of public cloud is increasing rapidly. It is expected that by the next few years, most of the enterprise workloads will be based on the cloud. Few enterprises can use two or more Infrastructure as a Service (laaS) or Software as a Service (SaaS) options. This also means that most of the workloads will be in the private data centers that produce a hybrid-cloud solution and also impacts both the contact center operations and unified communications. 

There are various reasons for a hybrid-cloud solution to be beneficial for enterprises. Here are some of them.
• The necessity to secure intellectual property
• International cloud public suppliers might not be accessible
• Evading the expense of refreshing the data center hardware and software
• The capability to scale quickly as the market changes
• An enhanced total cost of ownership (TCO)
• The requirement of security, compliance, and privacy
• Reducing internal staff

Due to the assistance of the hybrid-cloud structure, the IT companies can stop worrying about themselves in a traditional structure. It will be advantageous for them to think more about collaborating with the service providers. Moreover, they may also have to become accustomed to their governance talents and perform in the new environment. When introducing a new platform, the IT teams have to configure it so that it can function efficiently and at the right cost so that the overall utilization of resource can be done.

According to a report from McKinsey, every data-centre site must be administrated as a separate profit-and-loss center that has internal charge-back mechanisms, which is applied for driving accountability and visibility. The procedure will also generate billing in the business units that displays cost based on the cloud. Furthermore, it is equally necessary for performance management in the company to evolve. Dashboards and also digital systems can implant continuous measurement in the organization. It is even better to keep periodic scheduled reviews so that it can be made sure that the customer requirements and business unit are understood and also met regularly.

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