Why Enterprises Adopt Systems that Identify Data Breaches from...

Why Enterprises Adopt Systems that Identify Data Breaches from Inside the Network?

Enterprise Networking Mag | Friday, December 13, 2019

Modern technology revolves around the manufacturing facilities to bring the best network security from within and outside the network. To remain competitive in this area, organizations across many industries are aggressively investing in a variety of IoT-centric technology platforms.

FREMONT, CA: For most of the organizations that manufacture goods in the United States, where the cost of labor is considerably higher than the manufacturing and other countries.  Internet of Things (IoT) and, more particularly, the industrial version, Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), plays a significant role in making this happen.

No matter how innovative the IoT applications are, the enterprises must-have business software applications to take care of the wireless network infrastructure. If the company is adopting a significant commitment to industrial IoT in manufacturing and warehousing, the question they should be asking is whether the organization's wireless network is fast, reliable, and secure enough to power the whole company's most demanding IIoT applications?

Manufacturing and warehousing facilities to stay competitive leverage IoT for monitoring the wireless network performance that will impact IIoT. Addressing IoT-related security threats needs to move to the front burner.  The enterprise should consider these two building blocks that are given below for adequate wireless network security in industrial environments.Top Wireless Technology Companies

If the manufacturing facility or warehouse has IoT devices, the organization should implement an effective, integrated firewall strategy just as much as the company needs perimeter fencing,  alarm system, and secure doors. On the other hand, many leaders of industrial companies have been unsuccessful in keeping up with breaches and hackers. Over the past years, the frequency, intensity, severity, and business impact of security incidents has increased dramatically. Fortunately, firewall technology has evolved considerably, but most of the industries have lagged the implementation and adoption of integrated firewall best practices in their network systems. To avoid becoming a statistic, make sure the next-generation firewall has real-time visibility and control over the applications and traffic running on the organization's WiFi network

Network access control (NAC) enables industrial environments with a comprehensive and dynamic way to control and manage access to the network's resources. Make sure that the authorities can identify, assign, and enforce custom policies based on who, what, where, and when someone or something is trying to access the wireless network. Just as important, they should be able to see the devices, not only the IP address, to make it easier to pinpoint issues and devices.

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