Why Companies Must Invest in Intent-Based Networking

Why Companies Must Invest in Intent-Based Networking

By Enterprise Networking Mag | Tuesday, September 08, 2020

Companies must invest in intent-based networking (IBN) because it will provide them with better agility and scalability.

FREMONT, CA: Intent-based networking (IBN) is vital for companies because the organization's networks are the business models' fundamental infrastructure. In the last few years, the demand for IBN has increased among IT professionals. It is a new networking method where a specific software has been developed for planning, designing, and involuntarily applying the network changes, which will help improve its flexibility and availability. Moreover, the solution garnered more attention when Cisco announced the IBN strategy as The Network Intuitive. IBN is also a self-driven network that can be automatically applied in the businesses who prefers to have a multiple network device across a network without relying on the command-line interface (CLI).

Top 10 Cisco Solution Companies - 2019Today, it has become easy for the enterprise network to design, maintain, and manage with intent-based networking. Instead of depending on manual intervention, intent-based networking combines AI and machine learning to automate administrative functions and tasks. Moreover, the admins can also define the preferred state of the network, which connects with the business enterprise's requirement. Software controls the network, performance of monitoring, and applies policies to accomplish predictable performance levels.


Agility has become an essential factor for businesses. Therefore, most companies are trying to achieve the agility to compete in the ever-disruptive world with minimal opportunities. If the IT departments can reduce their dependency on humans and apply machine-based analytics, it will become easy for enterprises to obtain better flexibility and succession. IBN can help the companies to decrease delivery time in the network infrastructure. The network can respond to the changing conditions rapidly with real-time analytics.


The capability to scale becomes limited to the staff's size if the traditional network of the company is dependent on manual deployment, configuration, and troubleshooting. The organizations' growth becomes limited and expensive ff the tasks cannot be applied without the direct involvement of the employees. But if automation is utilized for scaling, it can help it to increase the network's productivity. Therefore, IT can quickly and easily expand, provision, and reallocate services with the help of IBN.

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