What Predictions Have Been Made for the Enterprise Communications...

What Predictions Have Been Made for the Enterprise Communications for 2020

By Enterprise Networking Mag | Monday, June 29, 2020

There are many predictions made about the applications used in the enterprise communication and collaboration, but there are only a few that are successful.

FREMONT, CA: Every year, the internet and trade presses are full of several types of predictions about the industries and their future, and same is the case with the telecom industry as well. The primary source of the predictions is the vendors and the analysts. Analysts do an extension of their job by forecasting the future as they already have to interpret the set-out facts and trends of the industry for consumers. Therefore the forecast is conducted based on the trends that they monitor and identify.

The predictions are also conducted for the telecom and unified communications (UC) industry. But, it is always better to follow the consumers view rather than the analysts who mainly focus on new products and services that are released. Therefore, over here, instead of going through new predictions, there are two key predictions and the type of impact they have made in the market.

1.   The Impact of Devices and Wearables

The forecast says that the demand for wearable technologies like a fitness tracker and watches to smart spectacles will increase. Although the maximum of the assumptions admits that the demand will mostly increase among the consumers because there are no trends of businesses allowing wearables for their employees. Nevertheless, smartphones are playing a significant role in the corporate sector. The companies are becoming dependent on the applications that can be used in smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

2.   5G

According to several forecasts in the next few years, 5G will become a massive hit in the market. However, still, now there is no confirmation or proof that it will become popular in any significant or mainstream process by this year. It is estimated that 5G can be a potential substitute for the 4G cellular networks and also for Wi-Fi networks. But most of the consumers are still using Wi-Fi and 4G, as their network although keeping a concise watch on the development of 5G.

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