What Features to Consider Before Planning for Enterprise 5G?

What Features to Consider Before Planning for Enterprise 5G?

By Enterprise Networking Mag | Friday, November 01, 2019

Organizations need to figure out the answers to various critical questions while evaluating 5G network purchases to make sure that they can efficiently put them into practice.

FREMONT, CA: Numerous service providers have introduced commercial 5G services in the marketplace, whereas others have announced new plans on further developments in the coming years. In the present time, service providers have left behind the businesses with a couple of unanswered questions concerning sourcing and procurement of 5G services along with only the general description of 5G networking’s performance abilities. The level of 5G features might not be fit for practice in the next five, but there is much potential for the technology.

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There is a requirement of details regarding the 5G plan structures, prices for mobile services, and the overall terms and conditions. It shows that enterprises that are proprietary 5G or early-stage 5G services are likely to reimburse premium prices for limited usability.

In order to stay away from such risks, buyers need to ensure from the service providers or resellers about the correct evaluation of their 5G services.  As per the Gartner client surveys, businesses seem to be more interested in investing in 5G services and technology as long as the services and tech arrive with improved mobile broadband and are incredibly reliable to operate.

The insufficiency of details shared by service providers on the 5G services, enterprise sourcing, procurement, and vendor management leaders will need their carriers to deliver a complete term and data with a planned coverage. They will also require an accurate timeline for endpoint types and accessibility concerning corporate plan structures.

It is crucial to have a mobile service procurement team that can develop realistic estimates or budgets for the predicted expenses of a 5G supported implementation. It has to make sure that the devices and Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity modules are well-suited with the carrier’s 5G networks. It is significant for every organization to avoid paying a premium for 5G service compared with 4G LTE. Business buyers will have to negotiate for 5G services to be incorporated in standard 4G LTE corporate handheld device plans without any additional fees, to gain such a privilege.

Companies must ask the service provides about the current and planned rate plans, along with their approach for applying existing corporate discounts for a 5G purchase. Furthermore, they can compare the available performance of 4G with 5G at any desired location. 

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