What Benefits Can Enterprises Expect From SD-WAN?

What Benefits Can Enterprises Expect From SD-WAN?

By Enterprise Networking Mag | Friday, February 21, 2020

In this digital era, it has become a massive challenge for organizations to grow and compete. Will SD-WAN be able to provide these enterprises with a network capable of agile and boundless connectivity? 

FREMONT, CA: In this modern era, software-defined wide-area networking (SD-WAN) is found at the top of the priority list of enterprises. It securely brings users close to apps. It helps in solving intricate enterprise issues, providing tangible benefits to businesses. 

Moreover, it helps in increasing the performance of cloud-based applications and enhances network reliability or decrease network service costs.

The following are some of the benefits that SD-WAN can offer enterprises.

Faster Provisioning Cycles

SD-WAN architecture helps in more rapid provisioning by eradicating manual, error-prone box-by-box configuration. Rather, the algorithms that immediately distribute policies and parameters help in making automatic provisioning a reality. The outcome is a provisioning procedure that continues from days or weeks to minutes, along with providing infinite routing options that are not bound by network conditions. 

Agile Bandwidth Management

SD-WAN possesses the capability to dynamically use all the distinct connections of the enterprise to tackle traffic on the basis of point of origin, priority, and destination, which have a significant impact on enhancing bandwidth management. This means configuring high priority traffic over the resilient MPLS link simultaneously, sending secondary traffic on the broadband circuit. SD-WAN helps in balancing load between multiple transport circuits, which efficiently uses all of the bandwidth linking every branch.

Convenient and Streamlined Branch Office Networking

Top SDN Consulting/Services CompaniesThe cloud-ready nature of SD-WAN allows access to all the parts of the network via a centralized control panel. This makes sure that organizations can remotely configure and handle multiple locations.

Robust Security

The enterprises can set up central control of network-wide policy and security from the branch to the cloud by decoupling the data plane from the control and management planes. The same applies to the user-based identity access controls where network zone assignment for user groups streamlines enterprise network management and security across all the devices and locations.  

Network segmentation through SD-WAN minimizes attack surfaces while the ability to deploy VPN as a software overlay empowers end-to-end encryption. This helps in meeting any high security or other regulatory compliance security needs across the network.

Doubtlessly, SD-WAN is of great benefit to the enterprises. Therefore, enterprises should integrate it as early as possible to thrive and compete in this digital age.

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