What are the Top 3 Features to Consider while Purchasing...

What are the Top 3 Features to Consider while Purchasing Network-Automation Tools?

By Enterprise Networking Mag | Friday, July 31, 2020

There are several factors a consumer needs to consider to make a better decision about the network automation tool, which is best for their organization.

FREMONT, CA: Until now, the adaptation of network automation has been slow for several reasons, and one of the key reasons can be resistance from the network engineers. But now the demand for network automation is increasing because more network teams have started to feel the burden of working in the fast-paced digital world. In a digitalized world, one cannot apply traditional procedures of working, as the manual techniques of configuring and updating routers with the help of a command-line interface (CLI) is not only slow but also error-prone.

Here are a few primary criteria that the enterprises must reflect on while deciding, which tool is best for their organization.

Single vendor or multi-vendor

Many network automation tools are third-party and vendor-specific. The customers have to decide whether they want to go with a single vendor or try for multiple vendors. With a single-vendor platform, the consumers have to make sure it works with the vendor's entire product line and not only with the subset. With a third-party tool, one has to ensure it supports the current and future vendors.

Breadth of APIs

The network-automation tool's interface needs to work with other devices, and it means every feature of it must be accessible as an API. Even if the machine is used for standalone, it may need to interface with other application in the future to provide broader automation.

Compliance and security reporting

With the increase of security breaches, the demand from leading organization to bring IT and security operations together have augmented. The collaboration of these two teams means network-automation tools have to offer information that explains the security policies that are continuously being followed. The reporting system also should have the abilities to supply visibility into every phase of the network lifecycle, which includes deploying, planning, and optimization.

The network automation tools must be based on Graphical User Interface (GUI), and this means it's every feature will be available through the Command Line Interface (CLI) and graphic interface. The interface of the devices must be easy to use so that everyone can work with it.

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