What are the Most Common Types of Wireless Communication Technologies?

What are the Most Common Types of Wireless Communication Technologies?

Enterprise Networking Mag | Thursday, October 07, 2021

Various types of wireless communication technologies are being used today for communication and data sharing purposes.

Fremont CA: In today's world, wireless communication is extremely important. Wireless technology has become an essential component of people's daily lives, in addition to communication. Wireless communication is the wireless transmission of data or information from one location to another. Through RF and radio signals, data can be exchanged without the use of a conductor. Data is transported between devices over distances ranging from a few meters to hundreds of kilometers through well-defined channels.

Depending on the distance of connection, the range of data, and the type of equipment utilized, wireless communication technology is classified into various types. Following are some of the most common types of wireless communication technologies:


One of the first wireless technologies invented, radio communication, is still in use today. Portable multi-channel radios facilitate communication over small distances, whereas citizen bands and maritime radios let truckers and sailors to talk over large distances. The radio transmits sound as radio waves through the air. Radio has a transmitter that sends data to the reception antenna in the form of radio waves.


A cellular network employs encrypted radio communications that are modified to allow several users to communicate over a single frequency band. Because individual devices lack significant broadcasting capacity, the system relies on a network of cellular towers capable of triangulating the source of any signal and directing reception to the best antenna.


Satellite communication is a wireless technology that is widely used around the world. A space segment plus a ground segment make up satellite communication. When a signal is given to a satellite through a device, the satellite activates the signal and sends it back to the earth's surface receiver antenna.


WiFi is low-cost wireless communication technology. A WiFi setup comprises of a wireless router that acts as a communication medium, connecting mobile devices to the internet. Depending on the router settings, this network allows multiple devices to connect. These networks have a restricted range because of the low power transmission, allowing users to connect only in close proximity.


The fundamental function of Bluetooth technology is to allow users to connect a range of different electronic devices wirelessly to a system for data transfer and sharing. Bluetooth technology serves a variety of purposes, and it is most widely employed in the wireless communications industry.

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