What are the Benefits of Using SDN?

What are the Benefits of Using SDN?

Enterprise Networking Mag | Friday, March 12, 2021

Companies are adopting software-defined networking (SDN) as it helps them to centralize and simplify enterprise network management. 

FREMONT, CA:Software-defined networking (SDN) holds the more significant promise of centralizing and simplifying enterprise network management. Different vendors make different claims, but traffic programmability, greater agility, the ability to establish policy-driven network supervision, and introducing network automation are the most widely cited benefits of software-defined networking. SDN promises that it will enable networks to keep up with the speed of change.

One of the main benefits of software-defined networking is that it provides a platform for more data-intensive applications such as big data and virtualization. Big data drives virtualization adoption, and SDN offers the tools to control virtual machines and significant data network traffic.

Here are a few of the unique benefits of software-based networking:

Centralized network provisioning

Software-defined networks offer companies a consolidated view of the entire network, making it simpler to centralize business management and provisioning. More VLANs are being integrated into physical LANs, resulting in a Gordian knot of connections and dependencies. SDN can enhance service delivery and offer more mobility in providing virtual and physical network equipment from a centralized location by extracting the control and data planes.

Lower operating costs

Administrative efficiency, increased server usage, improved virtualization control, and other advantages can result in cost savings. While it is still early to show real evidence of savings, SDN can reduce overall operating costs and lead to administrative savings because many of the routine network administration issues can be centralized and automated.

Hardware savings and reduced capital expenditures

While implementing SDN, the current network devices also get a new life. SDN simplifies the optimization of commodity hardware. Existing hardware can be reused utilizing SDN controller instructions, and less costly hardware can be implemented more effectively because new systems are basically "white box" switches with all intelligence based on the SDN controller.

Cloud abstraction

Cloud computing is here to stay, and it's becoming a more integrated infrastructure. It is easier to unify cloud resources by extracting cloud resources utilizing software-defined networking. The SDN controller can handle all the networking elements that make up large data center platforms.

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