What are the Advantages of Network Automation Software

What are the Advantages of Network Automation Software

Enterprise Networking Mag | Wednesday, November 04, 2020

Network automation software can help the IT organization to decrease human errors by reducing repetitive and manual labour.

FREMONT, CA: Most of the companies are finding it challenging and complicated to implement, maintain, and operate the network system. The new network automation tools make use of the advancement in software networking so that it can decrease the manual processes and address the complexity in the network.

The network automation contains a wide range of tools and processes which are designed for eliminating manual network tasks like scripting, recognizing reasons for slowdown and outages, provision, and applying change requests. The advantages of network automation software consist of the replacement of manual procedures through software configuration, testing capabilities, zero-touch provisioning, and network management. Top 10 VPN Services - 2020

Expanded network complexity drives the demand for automation

The modern networks contain several types of hardware and software products. The products received from multiple suppliers include Ethernet switches, routers, application delivery controllers, network security gear, cabling, wi-fi access points and controllers, and software-defined WAN. Furthermore, every network location, which can be a campus, branch, or centre has its distinctive structure and set or suppliers and products. The incorporation of software-defined networking into this mix has increased the difficulty.

Moreover, the numerous tasks related to network are still done manually, including moves, changes, and add in the security or network. It is also challenging to identify the cause of application brownouts, outages, or slowdowns, and it can be time-consuming. Most of the time, the topologies and other sources of network information are also located in numerous databases that make it difficult for the IT people to discover the real network map.

Advantages of network automation software

There are various ways in which network automation software can benefit IT organizations. It is constructed in a way that will help them to decrease or eliminate several repetitive or manual tasks which can be labour-intensive. For example, policy implementation, provisioning, and configuration changes. There are also other advantages of automation software.

• Rapid provisioning of new services along with centralized zero-touch provisioning at remote locations

• Decrease security risks because less manual processes mean less configuration or policy errors, which can lead to attack in the network

• Fewer chances of human error that can affect the performance and security of the network

• Power to identify and locate the causes of network or security problems

Therefore, with the help of network automation software, it will become easy to implement the network, enhance network availability, and reduce manual tasks while operating. 

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