What are the Advantages of Integrating VoIP in Small Businesses?

What are the Advantages of Integrating VoIP in Small Businesses?

Enterprise Networking Mag | Wednesday, June 24, 2020

VoIP offers countless benefits, especially for small businesses. Below given are some of the advantages of implementing VoIP in markets.

FREMONT, CA: VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, has been in the communications game for a while, but it's still one of the most misunderstood technologies. VoIP technology has become a catchphrase for other pieces of technology like the cloud PBX and SIP.

Unlike with the traditional carriers where any calls made to a different area code is charged as a long-distance call, most VoIP providers let the users call unmetered as long as the person the user calling is within the United States. VoIP-based communications solutions are cloud-based, which means the service itself is stored in a remote data center owned by the provider and not the company.

It also means that all the infrastructure that is needed to support the service is already in place, and the users don't have to deal with the maintenance. All they have to do is subscribe, which leads them to the next advantage. Top 10 SD-WAN Solution Companies - 2020

Cloud-based solutions are usually offered through subscription or commonly called software as a service (SaaS). It means that they can subscribe to the VoIP-based communications solution only while they need it.

If the users want a phone service that adjusts to the size and capacity of the business, because it's cloud-based and the users can only need the internet to use it, they can use the business phone system no matter where. There is no much effort for new installations and no need for a new account. VoIP phone systems can connect multiple locations and a distributed workforce all under a single account.

These are just some of the ways VoIP can help the budget, but in most cases, VoIP-based communications solutions pay for itself. If the user is making a call from a VoIP-enabled device like an IP desk phone, the digital voice will travel to the internet until it reaches the gateway. Then, the voice will be converted to a multiplexed voice sample, the format used in PSTN-connected landline phones.

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