What are the Advantages of AI-Based SD-WAN

What are the Advantages of AI-Based SD-WAN

Enterprise Networking Mag | Wednesday, February 03, 2021

AI-based SD-WAN will help change network management to free administrators to prioritize how services are delivered.  

FREMONT, CA : The parallel park assist function of a modern car is a useful innovation that saves time, but it does not make the right decisions about where to park or understand no parking zones and street cleaning days. It also requires a driver to be present. That is before fully independent cars become a reality. In order to make decisions without drivers, self-driving cars would focus on following road rules and using artificial intelligence (AI). Data will be continuously fed into the vehicle as conditions change, and so will the AI-based choices.

For self-driving networks, the same would be relevant. An AI-based wide-area network (SD-WAN) established by software understands all the rules and can adjust to business intent changes. SD-WANs set the stage for networking, security, and AI to combine to help companies solve increasing data challenges as they move to the cloud. Cloud-based next-generation apps need smarter networks that work.

Manually operating a network is a long, inaccurate method involving labor-intensive manual configurations carried out by individuals. Legacy networks are challenging to maintain and time-consuming, and it is something that many companies continue to struggle with. Companies are suffering the consequences by not reacting to developments more rapidly, with mobile devices, the Internet of Things (IoT), and cloud computing as they are providing several new entry points and expanding to the network edge.

A significant downside to maintaining legacy networks is the amount of time it takes to find and address issues. It can be greatly reduced by modernizing the network and using AI for network operations so that businesses can invest in innovation versus merely keeping the lights on.

The primary source of unplanned network downtime is human error. Automation can help businesses eradicate human error and free up time to work on projects at higher levels. Automation alone, however, does not eliminate errors as decisions are still made by humans.

The only way to accomplish a self-driving network is through automation and AI, which can track, correct, protect, and evaluate with minimal human interference. The network achieves comprehensive data processing abilities and more in-depth knowledge of network and application efficiency when AI is integrated into an SD-WAN solution.

In places where humans are prone to making mistakes, AI is essential. Autonomous cars may continuously track blind spots, synchronize with traffic signals, or take safety measures in the event of an emergency, using a combination of AI software, real-time data from IoT sensors, cameras, GPS, and cell connections.

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