Ways to Ensure Effective Network Security

Ways to Ensure Effective Network Security

Enterprise Networking Mag | Wednesday, April 03, 2019

Network security is paramount for organizations as it constitutes the backbone of businesses running in digital space. If the network of a company gets compromised, then it jeopardizes the security of all the devices in that system.

The emergence of IoT technology has put an extra emphasis on network security. IoT is a network of devices connected over the internet. The devices communicate within the network to transmit real-time data, helping organizations to gain valuable insights into their business processes. Hackers continually try to break into a network router which gives them access to all the connected devices in the network.

According to Gartner, the market for IoT endpoint security solution is expected to increase to $631 million in 2021. Many companies are striving to find an appropriate solution to secure their IoT network from any unfortunate event. Here are some of the ways to ensure network and IoT security:

Defining Boundaries: organizations need to define the boundaries of the inter-connected enterprise network, which includes all the wireless and remote connections. The inter-connected enterprise network also includes branches and access points that are exposed in remote areas, cloud computing platforms, and any other externally accessible channels.

Asset Management: Enabling real-time asset management is a necessity for organizations as they need to have knowledge about all the devices in the network to provide efficient security. Cyber criminals look for outdated devices to gain easy access into a network. Network Operations Center (NOC) and Security Operations Center (SOC) in an enterprise need to ensure that all the connected devices are updated to protect against any malpractices.

Configuration and Software Update Management: Security teams need to know the exact configuration of devices to introduce streamlined and automated patch management strategies. Configuration management will help companies to protect their legacy licensed software components.

Access Management: Businesses need to know the identities of all the users who are accessing the network to eliminate the bad actors from accessing their network. An effective access management solution will also enable companies to know the root cause of any breach in the system. 

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