VPN Services: Protects All the Devices in One Move

VPN Services: Protects All the Devices in One Move

Enterprise Networking Mag | Thursday, March 28, 2019

Online security is one of today's most significant issues faced by internet users, and it has been a problem for years now. While an average user may be exposed to online threats such as malware or hackers, for cryptocurrency traders, the situation may be even worse. Hackers have been extremely crypto-oriented since cryptocurrencies multiplied in late 2017, often trying to steal money from users, whether from their wallets, exchanges or through phishing scams, and crypto-jacking. Nearly all major exchanges now have a strict KYC policy, that doesn’t mean traders should give up trying to protect their identities, and VPN services are the right way to go.

With individual users who want to protect themselves online, this technology has become increasingly popular. VPN can protect users from viewing traffic by shielding it with a secure tunnel through which their data can flow continuously. Furthermore, they encrypt this data so that in the event of a data leak it would not be exposed. Finally, VPNs can provide anonymity to users by enabling them to connect to private servers using their own IP addresses. By connecting to one of these servers—many of which are scattered around the world—users receive a new IP address that records their actions online.

In recent years, cryptocurrencies have attracted a great deal of attention to themselves. While they are still far from being mainstream, there is a constant increase in the number of traders and investors around the world. Furthermore, cryptos are already accepted by many online services, while some countries like Japan and South Korea are already treating them as an official money form.  This has created a chance for hackers to steal funds from those who don't know how to protect themselves adequately. Security experts frequently suggest using VPNs when dealing with cryptos, and particularly when using crypto wallets. These services use strong encryption, but when it comes to shielding transactions, there is a serious lack of protection. This is why VPN must be included in the process as all traffic is encrypted and shielded, as discussed earlier.

Crypto trading can ultimately be a valuable source of revenue, but only if traders take precautions to stay safe. Otherwise, they may lose their money, be exposed to their privacy, or face some other form of danger. VPNs can help minimize the risk, so getting a proper VPN service and protecting all the devices in one move is advisable.

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