VeloCloud Joins Hands with MetTel for Cloud Delivered SD-WAN...

VeloCloud Joins Hands with MetTel for Cloud Delivered SD-WAN Capabilities

By Enterprise Networking Mag | Thursday, June 07, 2018

NEW YORK, NY: In order to incorporate VeloCloud SD-WAN capabilities to MetTel’s managed communications offerings, MetTel has strategically partnered with VeloCloud, to enable their clients to benefit from the application performance, rapid deployment and ease of management. VeloCloud will provide enterprise-grade performance, security and reliability to MetTel managed SD-WAN and bonded Internet solution.

By integrating VeloCloud gateways seamlessly with the communications company’s private MPLS network, the enhanced Hybrid WAN solution is made particularly competitive for MetTel customers.

“MetTel is a leader in enterprise communications solutions with a tremendously positive impact on customer efficiency, productivity and cost-savings,” says Sanjay Uppal, CEO and Co-Founder, VeloCloud. “MetTel’s choice to deploy VeloCloud SD-WAN reflects their commitment to the highest quality and simplicity of deployment and management for their enterprise customers.”

By leveraging VeloCloud technologies such as Dynamic Multi-Path Optimization, both companies can deliver high performance for enterprise and cloud applications, network impairment remediation, and sub-second brownout and blackout protection for real time applications. This provides enterprises with better performance, faster deployments and more cost-effective bandwidth. The solution enables MetTel and its agents to expand their reach to a broader customer base.

The multi-tenant VeloCloud Orchestrator with roles-based access additionally enables MetTel’s partners and customers to enjoy policy-based automation and virtualized services provisioning. This increases operational efficiencies and enables rapid deployment. VeloCloud’s policy-based network services insertion provides access to an expanding ecosystem of additional cloud-based services, including web security. These solution enhancements scale for enterprises with hundreds to tens of thousands of branch offices.

“MetTel consistently strives to provide our customers with more flexible, secure, simplifying and cost saving solutions, and we believe that VeloCloud’s offering is highly compatible with our mission,” says Marshall Aronow, CEO at MetTel. “The simplicity of their SD-WAN plug-and-play solution is matched with a greater level of cloud control for the customer, while low-cost bandwidth capacity and guaranteed quality of service are strategically critical for scaling businesses. With our integrated and layered approach, MetTel will continue to deliver high standards for network security.”

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