User Data Visualization: Key to Faster Decision Making

User Data Visualization: Key to Faster Decision Making

By Enterprise Networking Mag | Friday, July 12, 2019

Industry's most sophisticated SaaS-based network inventory solution is enabling users to visualize and interact with data for faster decision making.

FREMONT, CA: ARM Data Center Software has released newer versions of cARMa®, including Guru™ for unparalleled visibility into network environments. This is an analytics and mapping feature that gives full visibility into every network element, all infrastructure and user services that traverse it.

cARMa® is an industry-leading SaaS network inventory solution that allows service providers to take control and gain visibility into workflows, expense, revenue, and capacity of its network infrastructure. Users can directly design circuits and associate orders, income, and expenditures to the network infrastructure in a single source of truth spanning departmental barriers. Customers using cARMa®, benefit from higher visibility into network environments, control of expenses, and intelligent context-based decision making in minutes.

Guru™ is a mapping tool and unmatched analytics that provides financial and operational insight with a comprehensive view of how customers' services utilize network resources. It reads directly from the Circuit Layout Record (CLR) stored in cARMa® to identify impacts to a customer and subtending services at any level, from the entire site, fiber route, or the individual network element. As a cloud-native SaaS, cARMa® proposes a range of unmatched inclinations for the telecom industry to change, manage, and document network inventory. The network inventory SaaS can rapidly scale and has the additional benefit of native integration to Microsoft Office 365, Dynamics 365, Teams, and Azure Active Directory. It is cost-effective, monthly, per-user pricing allows service providers of any size to collect, organize, and maintain quality operational and financial data.

ARM Data Center Software is the innovative provider of network lifecycle management solutions for carrier, colocation, and cloud operators. cARMa® empowers clients to quickly take control and gain visibility into expense, revenue, and capacity of network infrastructure for a single source of truth across departmental barriers.

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