Upgraded IoT Device Control to Upscale Businesses

Upgraded IoT Device Control to Upscale Businesses

Enterprise Networking Mag | Tuesday, July 09, 2019

IoT Device Control has now been upgraded to superior levels, with a new set of high-performance management tools.

FREMONT, CA: Orbiwise has launched a new version of OrbiWAN™ 6.0 with a new best-in-class and management tools to give operators superior levels of IoT device control. It is a significant upgrade to its carrier-grade IoT platform that operates and manages LoRaWAN® networks.  OrbiWAN™ provides its customers with scalable architecture and advanced network management tools that are helping large operators with deployments and business IoT applications alike.

The OrbiWAN™ platform is vertically and horizontally scalable from local server deployment to global operators running on significant clusters of VM to millions of gateways and billions of devices. The standard automatic network manager allows any primary user to use the solution out 'of-the-box' while an experienced operator can customize the parameters to fine-grain detail, managing multiple groups in the same network separately. Many customers of Orbiwise have already adopted this new version and are already supporting the set of advanced management tools and highlights to maximize the achievement of its IoT networks. Feedbacks of these users have been positive so far as well. The company is also expecting its other global customers to adopt OrbiWAN 6.0 as well quickly.

OrbiWAN™ 6.0 is profoundly scalable and addresses all markets from small local enterprise IoT setup. The key is simplicity and out-of-the-box usability, to large scale operators where advanced accounts and role management, network performance, customizability, APIs stability, and high-availability is vital. The latest profile-based architecture in OrbiWAN™ 6.0 is one of the chief answers in accomplishing this scalability of utilization.

Orbiwise develops high-level IoT applications to maximize the performance of their service and product offerings. Orbiwise prides itself on being a customer-centric organization, with deep expertise in LoraWAN networks. 

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