Unified Communications Trends That Will Rule 2020

Unified Communications Trends That Will Rule 2020

By Enterprise Networking Mag | Wednesday, July 29, 2020


The year 2020 will witness more interesting technologies in the market that will make the user experience even better.


FREMONT, CA: The common thing about mobile phones, 4K displays, chat platforms, and email apps is they are all models of communication-based technologies. These technologies, at some point, were the latest and the most exceptional mode of communication, but now, due to their frequent usage have become extremely common. However, predicting the next norm in UC needs sorting among the crowds and pinpointing the latest rising trends. Here are some of the trends to keep an eye on.

1. Meeting spaces are essential, so companies need to be creative about the area of the meeting 

For years conference rooms have been the place of work where all types of debates and discussions take place. However, with time, office spaces are shrinking, booking systems have become inefficient, and employees are having to book a conference room leading to colleagues dueling in limited space.

In the office areas, new concepts like open office plans and hot-desking systems are coming up, and this means organizations still value the idea of traditional meeting areas like conference rooms. Since the offices do not have the required space to create room for conference halls, they are looking for innovative ideas that will meet the necessities.

2. Artificial intelligence (AI) technology has become more prevalent

Cloud services are providing the capability to curb big data that permits the information to be analyzed and sorted more effectively and efficiently than ever before. With adopting cloud, it has become easy to collect data even without the user knowing about it. For example, there are many times people have mentioned something in reach of their smartphone and then see an advertisement about it or on similar topics on Facebook or other social media.

The UC services that use the cloud infrastructure for them several options like People counting, no-show meetings, automatic task assignment, meeting note generation, and many others will become a reality. The options will be readily available because the cloud can execute those actions based on the words that are spoken during the meetings. Earlier to conduct all such tasks, an interaction was necessary. Still, with the usage of machine learning during a meeting, it has become easy to identify tasks, and the actions get automatically triggered.

3. Video systems and voice command have become common in conference rooms

The customary system of colleagues huddling around the handset phone in the conference table is becoming a thing of the past.

The price of the video system has dropped, and the technology has become easy to use even with AV or IT having specialized training regarding the use of it. Furthermore, the video has also become the major solution for the conference rooms that are well-equipped with technology.

The voice technology is also being introduced in the conference rooms, because with the technology, employees can walk into the room and start the meeting by simple voice command. The voice command technology will also increase the standard of the workflow in offices.

4. UC Cloud Solutions Expands

It is estimated that by 2020, the cloud-based UC solutions will continue to develop to such an extent that it will become a growth point for the decision-maker, and they have to consider it. 

There are several tasks like deploying devices, and the organizations must not rely on the local setup for that. On the other hand, cloud services allow organizations to plug in the devices and let it work.

Besides, interoperability between cloud systems can be achieved by getting access to the platforms instead of using outside solutions. With time the UC solutions providers have also started to appreciate the necessity of permitting the companies to organizations to mix and match their services so that they can enhance the user experience.

5. 5G Drives New Opportunities and Expansion of the Internet of things (IoT)

The 5G technology is still at a nascent stage but with the rise of it, and there will be more discussions about the opportunities provided by it, particularly with video business applications for the corporate users.

The market demand for 5G will also allow several other devices like IoT to increase its usage. All these technologies can create an actual connected world.

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