Unified Communications : Essential for Organizations

Unified Communications : Essential for Organizations

Enterprise Networking Mag | Tuesday, April 09, 2019

Organizations rely on various communication channels that run simultaneously to improve collaboration between multiple teams and third-party vendors. Managing all the communication channels can be an arduous task for businesses. Many companies have adopted a unified communications strategy that integrates all the communication channels under a single platform to provide effective management and security to all the business communications. The growing importance to include mobility in communication channels is forcing companies to implement mobile unified communications (MUC).

The traditional communication tools that the organizations have been using over the years are becoming massively ineffective with complex, uncontrolled, and untracked processes. MUC can be an effective instrument to manage communications as it provides excellent visibility and control, which is essential for enterprise IT deployments. The unique management and scaling features will enable MUC to become an organization’s asset for communications. 

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The MUC solution requires all the modalities in the existing communications along with associated analytics and reporting to be unified in a single platform. Here are a few functionalities that need to be provisioned in a MUC solution for effective communications:

Messaging: companies use various texting services like SMS, EMS, and MMS for messaging. They also employ multiple social media channels like Facebook Messenger, LinkedIn Messaging, and other chat services. A MUC tool can provide security to these communications along with a feature to keep the records.

E-Mail: enterprises use emails as one of the most widely used channels to communicate with outside parties. These emails can sometimes contain a company’s private documents and information. MUC solutions can provide adequate security to the emails. MUCs can also replace emails for intra-organization communication, allowing companies to track the communication between various teams.

Files: MUC tools offer an easy-to-access feature for all the authorized personals to a view a company’s documents which include images, streaming videos, recordings of conferences, and many others. These tools provide many other features like backup, archiving, encryption for the documents. MUC tools can also provide support for compliance regulations.

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