U2 Cloud to Achieve Next Gen Networking Capabilities with Big...

U2 Cloud to Achieve Next Gen Networking Capabilities with Big CloudFabric

Enterprise Networking Mag | Thursday, June 07, 2018

SANTA CLARA, CA: U2 Cloud, provider of cloud services picksBig Switch Networks, provider of hyperscale-inspired networking agility to data centers to deploy Workspace-as-a-Service (WaaS) solution to their networking platform. Through the integration of Big CloudFabric with VMware’s vSphere server virtualization platform, U2 Cloud expects to meet its next generation networking requirements like lowering operational expenses, simplified network management and seamless automation.

With this deployment, U2 Cloud caters customers with a secure provisioning platform that delivers private and individual cloud-based Windows enablement with anywhere anytime access. In comparison to traditional infrastructure, the solution claims to extend unparalleled network performance with radical CapEx and OpEx savings.

 “At the heart of any cloud offering is the network. We needed to provide agility and reliability, increased productivity, and 24/7 support for the WaaS infrastructure. And we needed an affordable solution, “says JoeSolsona, CEO, U2 Cloud. “The Big Switch architecture is the perfect cornerstone to our WaaS solution – providing us flexibility, simplified management, integration with VMware and affordability.”

The Big Cloud Fabric controller is programmed to integrate with more than 20 individual vCenter facilitating vSphere-level multi-tenancy. In addition, it concurrently automates the provisioning of shared physical network resources for each VM thus giving rise to single point of integration with vCenter. The platform enables direct visibility of VM including VM mobility events. Other deployments are auto Host Detection & LAG Formation, auto L2 Network Creation & VM Learning, Network Policy Migration for vMotion/DRS, VM-level Visibility (VM name, vMotion) and VM-to-VM Troubleshooting (Logical & Physical).

“Big Switch continues to innovate to simplify physical network automation in VMware vSphere environments, as well as provide an ideal physical SDN underlay to deploy the VMware NSX SDN overlay,” comments Douglas Murray, CEO, Big Switch Networks. “This U2 Cloud deployment is especially meaningful because it delivers the scalability and multi-tenant network isolation required to run a world-class workspace-as-a-service environment.”

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