Trends that Will Boost the Data Center Networking Market in 2020

Trends that Will Boost the Data Center Networking Market in 2020

By Enterprise Networking Mag | Saturday, December 21, 2019

This year, there were numerous advancements in technology, but there are some that will keep driving the data center networking in the future also.


Since the year 2020 is about to end, it is better to take account of the trends and technologies that might affect the path of the industry in the future. As per the Market Reports World, the global transceiver market is expected to grow to more than $41 billion by 2020, from $4.6 billion just four years ago. The market growth of transceivers has increased due to the accessibility and low cost of the 100G and 400G data center networking. Therefore, here are some of the key drivers that will impact the dramatic growth.

1. Demand for Bandwidth Will Drive DCI

Datacenter interconnects (DCI) technology helps in smoothly transporting critical assets over the short, medium, and long distances among data centers. Data sets entering or departing a data center can start from hundreds of gigabits to terabits, and this is the crucial reason for which networking tools should have the ability to offer reliable, high-capacity connections that can be easily and rapidly scaled. The demand for more bandwidth is increasing in DCI solutions because of the easy access to cloud computing, the Internet of Things (IoT), and over the top (OTT) video (one of the vital bandwidth consumers), along with the introduction of AI and 5G.

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2. SDN Will Bridge the Edge and Cloud

The elasticity of the software-defined networking (SDN) will help it to drive more adoption of the technology, and this will permit the enterprise and network operators to upgrade to higher data rates.  Moreover, SDN technology will also assist in narrowing the gap among edge computing and cloud services as SDN can also operate as a decision-maker, organizing the tasks that have to be uploaded and developed in the cloud, or at the edge.Top Optical Networking Solution Companies

3. More Hyperscalers Will Go 400G

Hyperscale data centers will swiftly begin to accept 400G because of the increasing demand for cloud computing drives it. Maximum of the tech giants have already moved to 100G technology before corporate and telecom data centers. Therefore, there is no doubt that Hyperscale data centers will enhance their computing performance so that they can facilitate higher levels not only to support cloud service but also to deliver content to a mobile device.

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