Top Trends in the Enterprise Router Market

Top Trends in the Enterprise Router Market

Enterprise Networking Mag | Thursday, July 14, 2022

The global enterprise router market has had substantial growth since the end of the pandemic; hence, a strong increase is anticipated to create new chances.

Fremont, CA: There are routers everywhere. Data, signals, and functionality are carried to users by routers rather than switches in an enterprise, mobile, Wi-Fi, and satellite networks. Routers enable businesses to extend their networks throughout their entire premises. It is common to see wireless access points along corridors as well.

Top trends in the enterprise router market:

Strong router growth

In 2021, enterprise routers experienced double-digit growth. It is anticipated that this growing tendency will continue for many years. The scope of enterprise networks has expanded significantly over the last two years. Router sales are strong and are anticipated to increase. Due to the necessity of work-from-home rules, firms have had to increase bandwidth availability, facilitate significantly more distant connections, and enable employees to function efficiently through higher-performance work and home office Wi-Fi networks.

5G boom

5G is ubiquitous. It is virtually impossible to avoid hearing about the benefits of 5G. This will result in robust router sales for many years to come. Those who do not upgrade their routers may be unable to utilize 5G fully. Over the next five years, the market for routers utilized in 5G mobile infrastructures is anticipated to rise steadily. Disaggregated routers are anticipated to capture a larger market share, but the emerging technologies face increased competition from established providers. In the meantime, cloud service providers will increase their market share of routers and switches over the next five years as they upgrade to 400 Gbps technology and expand their network footprints.

Digital transformation

Digital transformation is a significant sales driver for routers. New network requirements are growing as digital transformation projects gather momentum, a development accentuated by the epidemic. This puts pressure on IT administrators to modernize their networks and routers to improve performance and meet the increasing number of security layers that must be implemented.

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