Top Four Trends in the Wireless Technology Arena

Top Four Trends in the Wireless Technology Arena

By Enterprise Networking Mag | Tuesday, August 04, 2020

The wireless technology is poised to become the leading networking option for many enterprises.

Fremont, CA: With advancements in 5G networks, the advent of Citizens Band Radio Service, the introduction of edge computing, and the improvements available with Wi-Fi 6 wireless networking has emerged to be a popular networking choice. Several new technologies are rapidly changing the way networks are built, and IT services are delivered. Let’s discuss some of the new technology trends that are disrupting the wireless technology:

Mobile Edge Computing:

There is a visible proliferation in the mobile edge computing as suppliers are increasingly offering new products and as-a-service offerings. The introduction of the Internet of Things (IoT) technology is the prime factor for such significant growth in the edge computing arena. Instead of using centralized servers, the IoT tools need to compute processing and storage near the information source, thus comes the need for edge computing solutions. The edge computing solutions are widely becoming a norm in many applications, including smart grid, remote video processing, oil and gas monitoring, traffic management, and manufacturing monitoring and analytics.

5G Dynamic Spectrum Sharing:

Top 10 Wireless Consulting/Services Companies - 2019Dynamic spectrum sharing (DSS) is a modern technology that allows mobile operators to offer 4G and 5G services using the same band of spectrum.  DSS enables the network operators to satisfy the bandwidth demand of users for various services on their networks.

Open Radio Access Network (RAN):

The rollout of 5G technology needs operators to deploy huge numbers of new base stations for geographic coverage and to provide high-speed bandwidth with low latency. Open RAN can also facilitate entry of new suppliers in the arena to break the monopoly of large suppliers, which can ultimately result in the drop in prices of RAN services to a large extent.

Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS):

CBRS is a recent innovation in the wireless technology arena, which is a repurposed band of unlicensed spectrum recently passed for commercial use in the U.S. Organizations working in the mining, large warehouses, and manufacturing sectors can deploy CBRS in select geographic areas to enable their private 4G networks presently, and 5G networks in the near future. This allows organizations to control the quality of service (QoS) and ensure the security of the devices and applications.

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