Top 3 Technology Trends That Can Transform the Future

Top 3 Technology Trends That Can Transform the Future

Enterprise Networking Mag | Wednesday, September 09, 2020

The next decade will see the implementation of 5G, AI, and Blockchain technology on a large scale, helping the enterprises to store the data safely in a highly secure network platform.

FREMONT, CA:  Technology continues to boost as the enterprises move into the next decade. The enterprises will see massive developments in space travel, quantum computing, and a significant increase in the usage of the software. Given below are some of the technology trends which are likely to bring significant innovation growth in the coming decade.


5G technology is considered to be the star of the show in the upcoming year. It will become a driving factor in wireless technology growth. 5G will witness its highest utilization in 2020 as manufacturers are coming out with more 5G-compatible phones. Utilizing 5G across the world will tend to bring higher broadband speeds along with more reliable wireless and mobile networks. 5G not only means the device will be speedy, but the network and everything related to the device will be faster as well.

With this, the implementation of WiFi 6, along with 5G, will drastically improve wireless communication protocols. WiFi 6 will help increase the speed of download.

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Since its inception, AI has been transforming the network world. AI plays a significant role in producing a higher automation trend, but its advancements are enough to warrant its discussion. The AI technology has made it to the top of technology trends lists for many years. Now, it is likely to continue to take one of the top spots in the coming year.


Blockchain technology has only been implemented in a few industries until now, but it is set to offer a secure underlying framework to many aspects of the digital lives. Blockchain is a technology that can allow secure communication, all the while doing a great job of preventing malicious acts during data transfer.

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