Top 3 Networking Technology Trends Every Enterprise Must Adopt in 2020

Top 3 Networking Technology Trends Every Enterprise Must Adopt in 2020

By Enterprise Networking Mag | Wednesday, May 13, 2020

In 2020, networking enterprises will see many advances that help to pave their way into the framework of digital transformation initiatives. Below given are some of the networking trends enterprises must look out for in 2020.

FREMONT, CA: Over the past few years, networking vendors released automation platforms to make managing networks easier. There have been many issues interoperability issues, feature similarity issues and even the cultural issues as the networking community opined if this was the end of the traditional network engineer.

Networking is connecting a system of computers to share information. The Internet is just that type of service, and new ideas and better methods are developing every day. The companies can define the Internet as a cloud or container for files and services that they can access but are not on the computers directly. Below given are some of the trends every enterprise must watch in 2020 and the future.


Next-generation 5G wireless technology is enhancing the amount of critical traffic at the network edge. While mobile phone providers are set to deliver more cost-efficient 5G devices in 2020, smartphones aren't the only devices that will benefit from 5G. 5G will make more applications and tasks viable over a wireless connection. Yet another growing section will be the introduction of PCs with the ability to connect directly to 5G networks, additional increasing the demand for critical services at longer distances from the network core.

Hybrid environment for integrated management

As organizations have shifted most of the applications to the public cloud to reduce costs and increase flexibility, they have also retained other forms with a higher need for security and compliance in-house. These are competing for the interests that have made hybrid IT the most common IT architecture. Likewise, the complexity of delivering services on different infrastructure is also driving the demand for integrated management platforms that capture and display the key metrics beyond all the infrastructure segments in use. The significance of managing service delivery across hybrid infrastructure will continue to be active into 2020.

Service providers

Cloud and service providers, as well as the big enterprise IT departments, are focused on increasing customer satisfaction to drive usage and keep support costs low. The biggest issue for these teams does not have visibility to performance during the last mile of service delivery. In this year, the service providers have the opportunity to install a simple probe to close the visibility gap. Small and inexpensive new appliances can be used by non-technical personnel in the field to record and report the performance metrics. These probes help IT find and fix issues faster, to meet service level agreements.

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