Top 3 Communication Technologies for the Post COVID-19 World

Top 3 Communication Technologies for the Post COVID-19 World

Enterprise Networking Mag | Tuesday, June 02, 2020

The communication technologies are playing a significant role in overcoming several challenges during this pandemic.

FREMONT, CA: Globally, the COVID-19 pandemic has disoriented the lifestyles of people. Since many businesses are struggling to operate during such uncertain times, remote working has become the latest norm. Colleges and schools have also incorporated online classes so that they can complete the syllabus. eCommerce companies have had to start making COVID-safe deliveries to maintain social distancing. 

In such a situation, communication technologies have offered solutions to overcome some of the pandemic challenges. Here are some technology trends in the field of communication that can reshape the world of business. 

Online Education

Schools and colleges have started to conduct their classes online portals. There are also dedicated educational apps that have witnessed an increase in demand as students have begun learning from mobile phones, thus redefining the concept of classroom education. There are also some schools and colleges who have conducted online tests. However, it is forecasted that some of these trends will continue to flourish post-COVID-19. 

Top 10 Network Monitoring Solution Companies - 2018Shared Spectrum

The technological trends have made it clear that even after the COVID-19 pandemic gets over, people will watch more content on their mobile devices. People will readily conduct video conference for a meeting, do online classes, or watch videos for entertainment through their mobile device. 

Therefore, there are high chances that this type of situation can overburden the mobile networks, and they are not designed to handle a tremendous amount of load. So, the communication companies have to use a shared spectrum so that they can avoid congestion in the network and increase the user experience.

Virtual Meetings

It is not possible to conduct any face-to-face meetings because of government lockdowns and travel restrictions. Therefore the demand for virtual meetings will increase in the industries. There are several applications like Zoom, which the users are already using efficiently to conduct meetings and other business-related calls. Furthermore, businesses have also started to attend huge international conferences and seminars with the help of online platforms. 

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