Tips for VoIP Service Providers to Mitigate Threats

Tips for VoIP Service Providers to Mitigate Threats

Enterprise Networking Mag | Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) allows the exchange of messages, voice calls, and video calls over the internet through specifically designed applications and software.

Significantly, VoIP solutions raise concerns about data privacy and security. Malicious attacks sometimes go unnoticed but certainly damage financial and relational ties. To secure their VoIP platforms solution providers can consider the following mentioned ways.

First and the most basic step is to conduct security audits at regular intervals for organizations irrespective of their size. Address the security drawbacks underlined in these audits effectively and upgrade the security system to combat present and predictable threats. Business will have to go for continuous monitoring of their network which can be either done in house or outsourced.

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Another robust measure would be to authenticate user accounts IP address so that calls made between authorized users only can be verified. Once the validation is performed, it will restrict access from internal resources and unauthorized IP address.

Businesses offering VoIP solutions can also restrict the use of geographically. In this, businesses availing the service can choose their desired list of countries where they want to make calls and service providers can block the rest.

Packaged based service module will enable service providers to offer more security-related functionalities to premium clients.

Several other VoIP anti-hacks could be formulated based on personalized experience, implemented security measures, customer base, and many more variables.

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