Things to Remember before Implementing SD-WAN

Things to Remember before Implementing SD-WAN

By Enterprise Networking Mag | Thursday, January 09, 2020

The long-standing success of any SD-WAN deployment majorly relies upon the assessments, observations, and adjustments that the enterprise makes during the earliest stages.

FREMONT, CA: SD-WAN is one of the most recent enterprise technology trends. It carries benefits like easy management, massive cost-savings as compared to MPLS, and flexible application performance throughout complex network environments. It is speculated that the SD-WAN market might grow to a 40 percent multifaceted annual growth rate to reach $4.5 billion in the next two years.

SD-WAN technology can indeed remove a considerable amount of complexity and expense from the multi-link network. But one must take their time to conduct the required assessments and have a secure deployment and operation plan before handling a new SD-WAN implementation.

Verify Each Site as a Unique IT Environment: 

The active WAN connectivity at every branch location might vary between broadband, satellite, Internet, MPLS, or whatever is available. Before implementing SD-WAN, it is vital to evaluate the circuits at each of the sites to bring a holistic understanding of the connectivity expenses and dependability available for the user. The objective is to understand how to meet the performance needs of each office and exceed their current performance levels by keeping the costs down.

Revisit the Applications:

If the user cannot correctly support the business-critical applications, then the implementation of SD-WAN will be of no use. While planning a new SD-WAN deployment, one of the top priorities needs to be to assess the current protocol, along with their application usage. It can develop an SD-WAN solution that is ideal for the unique requirements and, additionally, takes the necessary time to categorize the applications from the outset. By doing it, the technology can be seamless for deployment and do application-based routing with the help of the available links, based on the set policies. 

Explore SD-WAN Implementation Alternatives:

It is vital to finalize the choice between using SD-WAN that uses virtual server software in comparison to a set of hardware-based SD-WAN appliances. For a few enterprises, it is convenient to narrow down the expenses by upgrading the existing hardware to back the SDN functionality accompanied by SD-WANs. Unlike a few cases, for locations that have virtual machines at the place already, the utilization of virtual SD-WAN appliance can result as the most cost-effective alternative to implement.

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