The Ways in which Home Automation Technology is Helping the Disabled

The Ways in which Home Automation Technology is Helping the Disabled

By Enterprise Networking Mag | Tuesday, September 08, 2020

The technology of automated homes are not only improving quality of life but also making lives easier for the elderly and disabled people.

FREMONT, CA: Most of the households are trying to imply home automation technology due to which its demand has increased in these recent years. However, the technology has proved to be a massive benefit for the disabled and elderly. There is a type of home automation system known as the assistive domotics that supplies a vast range of features that can help the ones with particular accessibility concerns in their homes. The technology and assisting systems have become a practical option for the people who want to stay at home rather than living in an assisted living facility.

Here are a few ways in which home automation technology can be effectively used to keep the disabled and elderly safe at their own homes and make their life a bit easier.

Automatic Light Controls

Lighting control is a great starting point for home automation for the elderly or disabled. Technology permits the lights to be controlled with a remote control or smartphone applications, and it also can serve as a better option for the ones having trouble with mobility or reaching switches of light. One more helpful home automation lighting feature consists of the motion-sensor lights with the capability to turn on and off to depend on the person entering or leaving the room.

Automated Doors and LocksTop Wireless Technology Companies

It can be problematic for many seniors or disabled individuals to reach the front door promptly. Now, most automatic locks have the technology to read fingerprints. The family members or friends who visit their house can save their prints into the system and then use the fingerprint memory while entering the home. Therefore, it will not be necessary for the homeowner to come and open the door for their visitors. While using automated locks on the doors, trusted friends and family members will have the capability to make sure that an entry is locked from their present location by using an app on their devices like smartphones and tablets.

Home Safety and Security

The automated homes for the elderly and disabled can also make them feel safer and secure in their homes. During any medical emergency, the security personnel can also be contacted by just pressing a button on the security system, and a person can be automatically dispatched to the home.

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