The Newer Version of Seagauge Makes Onboard Instrument Viewing Way...

The Newer Version of Seagauge Makes Onboard Instrument Viewing Way Convenient

By Enterprise Networking Mag | Wednesday, June 06, 2018

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL-  At 2015 Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show, Chetco Digital Instruments unveiled the upgrade of SeaGauge product line with second generation vessel analog sensor interface units. Its remote sensor units convert existing analog sensors into network protocols including USB, RS232, NMEA 2000, Ethernet and WiFi; making it available for display on variety of devices. Basically, it interfaces directly to vessel data sensors such as temperature, pressure, fluid levels, voltages. Signals thus converted into network protocol can be viewed on devices like Chart Plotters, PCs, Tablets and iPads. With just a single network cable, it can support dual engines and a generator altogether and display the same.

SeaGauge G2’s built-in web-server and networking options allows its Remote Sensor units to accept upto 28 different sensor units using the Company’s PushSmart protocol. This is further uploaded to the internet site for display as charts, maps, spreadsheets, gauges, and other analytical tools.  “Live data can be displayed onboard using an iPad or Android tablet and then remotely reviewed on a spreadsheet at a later time,” comments Joe Burke CTO for Chetco Digital.

The units can also be field-configured without requiring a PC connection courtesy the SD memory option. Configuration settings and sensor calibrations can be copied to an SD card and then directly installed into the unit for instant updates. This makes the entire installation and support work much easier.

Yet, another feature is the integration with Chetco’s cloud platform called The data recordings from hundreds of sensors can be uploaded to cloud servers for visualization and analysis providing fast and reliable access to vessel data. Customers can also search and view information using an array of analysis and display tools.

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