The Impact of VoIP Technology on Businesses

The Impact of VoIP Technology on Businesses

Lester D'Souza, Enterprise Networking Mag | Monday, January 11, 2021

For building a successful business, effective communication is essential. As  Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service is the standard method companies use for communicating, enterprises are here to gain.

Companies merge voice communications with data on the same network allowing business to build, grow and maintain a single routing and switching hardware. This helps in simplifying infrastructure management and cost reduction. Network administrators control the on-premises VoIP platforms and secure data as it is transmitted through the network.

VoIP servers control call setup and termination, host of supplemental (UC) unified communications and voicemail tools.

VoIP Companies: VirtualPBXPulsar360, IncSangoma TechnologiesKCG Communications.

VoIP underpins services that convert voice into a digital signal which travels over the internet.

It allows making calls directly from a computer, a traditional phone connected to a special adaptor or a particular VoIP phone. VoIP requires high broadband (high-speed internet) connection instead of a regular phone line. The link is made through high-speed services like DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) or a Local Area Network (LAN).

VoIP devices and services provide companies to make communication easy with their long-distance consumers or clients. Services supported by VoIP also help companies to remain compliant, work efficiently and stay connected with their consumers. 

Companies attain another essential capability that is integration with third-party applications after choosing a new VoIP platform. These third-party integrations can streamline communications processes. It also ultimately saves end users considerable time. 

Some VoIP platforms used by companies are Skype, Teamspeak, and Ventrilo that keeps the employees connected in an office environment with an effective communication process. Companies have begun embracing the impact of digitalization by utilizing VoIP as their means of communication.

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