The Changing Data Center Security Landscape

The Changing Data Center Security Landscape

By Enterprise Networking Mag | Monday, August 06, 2018

Keeping pace with the ever-increasing demand for compute and storage resources is a complicated process with the traditional data center due to its hardware’s physical storage capabilities. The modern-day lean, mean virtual machines take over the data center transformation shift with the open-source solutions and white-box platforms that promise significant cost savings, and unprecedented flexibility.

The Data Center Interconnect (DCI) plays a crucial role in meeting the data explosion and non-stop demand for cloud-based services with the need to move data freely and securely across the network. Encryption at the packet layer and encryption at the optical layer are the two methods today to encrypt data in transit. While encrypting high-volumes of in-flight data, the packet layer solution faces certain drawbacks such as key management issues, increased latency, inefficient use of bandwidth, and the need for a dedicated Layer 2 encryption device. Hence, this makes way for a more effective way of securing data—the Optical encryption. This encryption secures all in-flight data by carrying the data over optical waves across fiber-optic cables with 100 percent throughput in the transport layer of the network. As the solution integrates directly into the transport network for a fast, easy-to-deploy solution, there is no dependency on any additional hardware.

Encryption of in-flight data at the optical layer makes it possible to mitigate the impact of a data breach, as well as meet the bandwidth and latency needs of today’s on-demand world through a holistic security strategy. The ultimate goal for data centers is to make them exist exclusively in the cloud, delivering greater benefits with less risk, and requiring no physical infrastructure at all.  Future data centers will have a much smaller physical footprint with the increasing virtualization of data center components, creating practically limitless resources with resource pooling and automation.

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