Technology Wired to the GI-FI

Technology Wired to the GI-FI

Enterprise Networking Mag | Tuesday, November 27, 2018

The mode of communication is an ever-evolving process. Over a considerable amount of time, methods of connectivity have significantly changed. Initially, the use of wires and cables were a massive part of being connected over any service. But at present, with the use of cables getting more complex and challenging, communications have been taken a notch up, by the use of wireless.

The initiation of wireless was through the use of the Bluetooth. Bluetooth can connect devices and transfer data over a range of 9-10mts. The Bluetooth got upgraded to the use of Wi-Fi. Even though the field for data exchange is more than that of the Bluetooth, it has come with its shortcomings of the size of the data and the high cost of infrastructure. Surpassing all these problems, a new communication technology has evolved, known as the GI-FI. GI-FI is extremely helpful in increasing the speed of data transfer. The gigabit wireless is the first of its kind single-chip integrated wireless connection. It operates at 60GHz on a complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS) process. The GI-FI is very useful in transferring a massive amount of data within a few seconds. The speed of transfer with the use of a GI-FI is 5 gigabits per second, over distances of up to 10 meters. There are a few technologies that are already exploiting the potential of the GI-FI. One such technique is the multiple input multiple output (MIMO). MIMO is a very cost-effective technology that makes 1 Gbps wireless links a reality. The use of the MIMO has promoted array gain, diversity gain, multiplexing gain, and an interference reduction. System-on-a-package (SOP) is another recent technological development that enables the development of materials and processes in the packaging area. The SOP has surpassed the multiple chip modules (MCM) and helped in improving the overall performance of the technology. The use of the GI-FI has helped to do away with the complex circuitry of cables and wires and made communication hassle-free and more relaxed. The GI-FI is an extremely cost-effective technology that includes a small 1-millimeter wide antenna and less than 2-millimeter watts of power. The GI-FI chip can be installed into several devices and can be mass produced at a lesser cost. This technology ensures security and privacy of the contents and is elementary to use, thus making it equally consumer-friendly.

With growing consumers opting for a tech-savvy lifestyle, the use of GI-FI is a very profitable move to ensure a future with fully functional home and work spheres, running on a wireless mechanism.

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