Synopsys Unveils its VC VIP for Ethernet 400G, Accelerates...

Synopsys Unveils its VC VIP for Ethernet 400G, Accelerates Formation of Networking Chips

By Enterprise Networking Mag | Thursday, June 07, 2018

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA: To fulfill the growing demand of bandwidth supporting video on demand, social networking and cloud services, Synopsys, provider of electronic design automation, announces the latest release of verification IP (VIP) and source code test suite for Ethernet 400G standard.

With easy integration and high performance, Synopsys VIP solution supports advanced SystemVerilog based testbenches with built in methodology support for UVM and verification plans to boost coverage closure. It provides engineers with latest protocols and interfaces needed to verify their SoC designs. Synopsys VIP supports AMBA, PCI Express, USB, MIPI, DDR and Fibre Channel.

Moreover, Synopsys VC VIP comprises of a customizable set of frame generation, error injection capabilities and can change the speed configurations at run time. It comes with protocol aware debug and source code UNH-IOL test suites for Ethernet clauses enabling custom testing and quick verification time for users.

"Synopsys is committed to providing a comprehensive Ethernet solution for all speeds, including 25G, 40G, 50G, 100G and the newest 400G standards. Working through our close collaborations with SoC industry leaders, we continue to expand our next-generation Verification IP solutions across all standard protocols," says Vikas Gautam, Group Director, VIP R&D and Corporate Applications, Synopsys Verification Group.

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