Switch Management Become More Efficient with EnGenius Skykey

Switch Management Become More Efficient with EnGenius Skykey

By Enterprise Networking Mag | Wednesday, July 24, 2019

EnGenius Technologies Inc.'s latest product, EnGenius Skykey can speed up switch management and help IT professionals manage wired and wireless devices from one eco-system.

Fremont, CA: EnGenius Technologies Inc., a multinational wireless networking company, has launched EnGenius SkyKey, an addition to the company's EnSky Solutions.

SkyKey aims to help IT administrators, interested in speeding up the access point and switch management process. This saves the IT admins a lot of time as they can manage different types of wired and wireless networks from just one eco-system.

With SkyKey, the IT team can manage a complete on-premises wireless network without a dedicated server. This mini-workstation is powered by a user-friendly software and a PoE or a 12V adapter, which saves time on exhausting installations and maintenance. The device has been designed with magnet strips, which can be attached to any metal surface. The IT admins can have complete control over the managed network, with the liberty to choose between either secure cloud or direct on-premises network management.

"Building a device smaller than some modern-day smartphones, but powerful enough to act as an integrated computer, able to execute complex network management commands using a user-friendly interface was certainly an engineering and design challenge. After years of research and development we are happy to see SkyKey become a reality and we are proud to have such a clever and compact device, that requires just a PoE switch to start an immediate plug-and-play installation, bridge the gap between older service offerings and the company’s latest cloud solution." says Eddie Lee, Senior Product Line Manager at EnGenius Technologies, Inc.

SkyKey gives the IT admins access to a subscription-free network management platform. This helps in efficiently accelerating access point and gigabit switch deployments, managing networks easily, and providing real-time management from just one dashboard.

SkyKey comes with an easy to navigate web-based management interface that requires no extra knowledge or learning. The interface also allows its users to check the status of the wired and wireless network.

"Here at EnGenius, we are always focused on finding new ways to optimize and speed up the process of managing feature-rich access points and switches. And SkyKey is our solution for IT administrators who no longer have to use different interfaces to manage wireless and wired networks. With EnGenius SkyKey, IT professionals can manage both types of networks within a single eco-system and take advantage of the ability to immediately start managing EnGenius access points and switches using the easy yet sophisticated plug-and-play installation." adds Eddie.

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