Sophisticated Networking Kit for Secure and Enhanced Visibility

Sophisticated Networking Kit for Secure and Enhanced Visibility

By Enterprise Networking Mag | Friday, July 26, 2019

Visibility of the network is now the most sort byword in the network world. Enhanced network visibility is the key to faster decision-making. 

FERMONT, CA: QA Cafe, a major supplier of innovative test and evaluation software solutions for communications and information technology teams, has introduced CS TraceFrame development kit. Based on the exclusive CloudShark technology, CS TraceFrame gives immediate packet visibility to products providing awareness of network and cloud, performance tracking, diagnostics, or cybersecurity. Businesses can maintain their brand by adding immediate packet visibility advantages with this white label development kit. The product enables the end-users to look at raw packet information in a responsive, familiar, and easy-to-use manner.

Visibility of the network helps to allocate optimal bandwidth to critical company apps. The network administrator's job has become difficult in the latest years with the entire world coming to the internet. Keeping an eye on the network at all times can assist in proactive problem identification, making troubleshooting quicker. This can be performed using the CS TraceFrame development kit from QA Cafe that alerts and intimates experts in network surveillance once a preset threshold value is passed. Network visibility not only lets the specialists see the current state of the network, but it also enables us to predict the trend in network development and make informed, and wise decisions on capability planning.

CS TraceFrame is a surveillance bandwidth and forensic network tool that offers in-depth visibility in network traffic and its patterns. This software kit provides company understanding of network conduct in real-time and how traffic affects the general health of the network. Users, ports or communication network executives can determine the precise origin of spikes and bursts by drilling down into particular apps and can therefore proactively track, regulate, and make informed decisions.

QA Cafe relies on centuries of knowledge in QA, networking, and growth of norms to provide elegant alternatives for testing and analyzing communication and information technology teams. The business believes that better networks create a better world. The firm is committed to enhancing networking across the globe by developing test and evaluation solutions that allow clients to deliver high-quality products and services.

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