Software Defined WAN Architecture for Industry Solutions

Software Defined WAN Architecture for Industry Solutions

By Enterprise Networking Mag | Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Software Defined WANThe top priorities of businesses are network flexibility and adaptive security. Many organizations have started migrating away from traditional WAN (Wide Area Network) and turning to SD-WAN which address the requirements for today's digital business in terms of high-level functionality, performance, and security.

Software Defined-Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) with centralized provisioning, management, policy control, and application visibility enables an organization with simplified operations, more flexibility and also with less operational expenses. It provides a connection among enterprise networks including branch offices and data centers over vast geographic distances. Here are the top benefits of SD-WAN Architecture which are going to consider as better industry solutions.

WAN efficiency requires policies that should support application criticality, performance requirements, and security policies. A solution, which is capable of managing the critical routing challenges, is introduced by flexible and dynamic SD-WAN connectivity which includes automated multi-path intelligence. It selects the most efficient route for transferring data among the geographical networks of an organization.

Better Application Performance

SD-WAN solutions can maintain high-quality performance for communications applications without compromising on security and this is essential for an organization that relies on mutual interactions for productive operations.

Secure Remote Connectivity

Organizations with a number of remote locations must ensure reliable connectivity at the time of data delivery. Maintaining single, holistic connectivity may deploy malicious users which results in data exploitation. Effective SD-WAN architecture features virtual VPN which includes multiple layers of network per branch can typically deliver data without any degradation.

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Edge-to-Edge Security

SD-WAN security solutions can underpin monitoring on encrypted VPN data at higher speeds with robust protection. As a result, it offers edge-to-edge security in an organization with simplified management and less IT overhead.

Implementation of SD-WAN in any organization allows it to rapidly adopt cloud applications while adhering to security measures. This approach helps to reduce operational expenses while maintaining high-quality performance for business-critical applications.

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