Software Defined Networking to Foster Simplified IT Solutions

Software Defined Networking to Foster Simplified IT Solutions

Enterprise Networking Mag | Wednesday, June 05, 2019

FREMONT: Software Defined Networking (SDN) can be defined, as a system that looks to improve the agility of networks and make them more flexible. The growth in the IT industry necessitates SDN in the current scenario. Many companies have turned towards SDN because of the numerous advantages it offers. Not just big companies, but even small and medium-sized companies can go for SDN and reap the many benefits.

Any company that goes for SDN improves the connectivity substantially by creating a network that can chart online outages and prevent shut-downs due to the absence of a working connection. The flexibility is also vastly improved by using SDN as it allows customizations to the network. In the beginning, the number of reconfigurations that the SDN might need could be high, but gradually pre-configuration solves the issue.

SDN has the solution to the problem of scalability that many companies face. SDN provides the means to control networks through a centralized channel from a single source. This implies that device to device changes are not required anymore, and hence, the obstacles like complex network and capacity issues are solved. The time and resources necessary to expand or bring about changes reduce significantly for the companies. SDNs also play a role in making businesses more streamlined. It helps companies make correct investment and prevent wasteful use of resources. Troubleshooting also becomes easier with SDNs. Overall, companies can ensure a focus on improving productivity and fast growth by minimizing the liabilities and making the functioning lean with SDNs.

The issue of cybersecurity has gained a lot of attention lately. This comes on the back of significant data breaches on businesses of all levels. Corporations are ready to compromise with agility to strengthen security.  Companies can take advantage of SDNs to get the best of both safety and agility. The features like fully enclosed systems and encrypted traffic make the SDN a safer option than regular ones. The consolidated console that SDN enables can ensure improved visibility, which companies can utilize to monitor and detect anomalies proactively.

Software Defined Networking has immense ability to help out businesses in many ways. Companies should look to understand and employ SDNs to better their prospects and solve issues conveniently.

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