Singapore's future generation of computer innovators will be...

Singapore's future generation of computer innovators will be nurtured by the collaboration of Nus Computing and TZ APAC

Enterprise Networking Mag | Tuesday, May 17, 2022

TZ APAC, the leading Asia-based blockchain adoption entity is supporting the Tezos system announced a partnership with the National University of Singapore School of computing (NUS Computing) to set up the Centre for Nurturing Computing Excellence.

Fremont, CA: The blockchain ecosystem in Singapore and around the world has seen substantial growth in recent years, with Singapore establishing itself as a leader in blockchain technology. To meet the growing demand, top schools such as NUS Computing must build a robust talent pipeline in this fast-growing field. And to ensure that computing talents in the country are well-equipped to harness the potential of blockchain technology, in combination with other complementary technologies, to contribute to Singapore's digital economy. Singapore has established itself as a leading platform for tech enterprises in breakthrough industries over the past few years. Associate professor Tan from NUS Computing said that by joining hands with pioneering organizations like TZ APAC, students will have ample opportunities to benefit from real-world expertise at a critical juncture of their education. He further added that in establishing this Centre for Nurturing Computing Excellence, they have to raise the bar for computing education in the country and across the region, as they nurture the next generation of tech talent.

Some internationally renowned programming contests like International Olympiad in Informatics (IOI), National Olympiad in Informatics (NOI), and the International Collegiate Programming Contest need proper guidance and Assoc Prof Tan is also responsible for training and coaching students. He also led the Singapore IOI team, winning 3 gold medals and a silver medal in 2021. Many leading figures across the industry have participated in IOI making it a competition of great significance, it is noteworthy that early architect of Tezos Arthur Breitman represented France and secured a bronze medal by participating in IOI. Other notable figures in the Tezos ecosystem who were participants in the IOI were The President of France- IOI Mathias Hiron and Nomadic Labs Senior Software Engineer Mehdi Bouaziz. Vitalik Buterin’s co-founder who competed for Canada was a gold medalist.

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