Simplifi and Copaco/VOX Collaborate to Offer High-Tech Solutions

Simplifi and Copaco/VOX Collaborate to Offer High-Tech Solutions

By Enterprise Networking Mag | Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Simplifi and Copaco/VOX collaborating to increase the demand fordigital transformation in Paraguay with Simplifi's technology solutions.

FREMONT, CA: Simplifi, one of the prominent Advanced Communications providers in the U.S. and Latin America, and Copaco/VOX, the leading Internet and Telecommunications Provider in Paraguay, are collaborating to increase the demand for Digital Transformation in Paraguay with Simplifi's technology solutions. The products consist of Simplifi's flag-ship router, Simplifi Connect, a Plug & Play Enterprise-Grade LTE router, Simplifi Lines, a world-class Cloud-based PBX solution, and Simplifi Control. The products will permit the users to observe and operate the IoT endpoints and scale it competently. Every product will be available from the SimplifiCloud dashboard, and it will need a minimum or no technical skill to install, implement, and utilize.

The significant challenges that the companies have to deal with during them attempt digital transformation are expenses of adoption, amount of maintenance, and complexities. Moreover, the businesses do not update their equipment and services to help because it seems that the products are challenging to use, excessively expensive to implement, and impossible to maintain. Particularly in Latin America, this hesitation is real as the upgrade of the technology might also consist of the users who are dependable to have access to such high-speed internet. 

For several years, Simplifi has been a leading technology provider in Latin America and the primary partner in Mexico's digital transformation through Mexico Conectado, now the Internet Para Todos initiative. Simplifi have established this by producing products that are influential, easy to use, and can be managed remotely. During the pandemic of COVID-19, Simplifi's process of developing enterprise-grade devices that are simply offered comparable results in the U.S., helping organizations effortlessly and safely work from their home environment.

Sante Vallese, the Copaco/VOX's President, said, "We worked hard to find the right partners to transform Paraguay and give our customers the best value, product experience, and the power to compete in a digitally powered world. As soon as I heard the presentation from the Simplifi Team, I knew that this was a technology that will help VOX and Copaco to be at the forefront of Telecommunication and IoT fields. Together we will contribute significantly to the Digital Strategy for the country of Paraguay."

According to Nick Shevillo, CEO at Simplifi, "The Simplifi Team is extremely proud and excited that Copaco/VOX chose us to be their partner in their digital strategy." "Together with Copaco/VOX, we will transform the country of Paraguay through technology."



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