Simnovus Announces Collaboration with Dualos

Simnovus Announces Collaboration with Dualos

Enterprise Networking Mag | Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Simnovus has selected Dualos as its federal partner in the United States to distribute its UE Simulator product.

FREMONT, CA: Simnovus, based in North Carolina, has selected Dualos, LLC as its federal partner in the United States to distribute its UE Simulator product.

Simnovus has developed a unique method for simulating and validating 5G RANs. The UE Simulator can test a variety of application traffic, and real-world traffic simulations (5G, Nb-IoT, Cat-M, and LTE), and interoperability with other nodes. The UE Simulator operates on COTS and SDR, enabling it to be used in a different test environment. The platform is capable of 4x4 MIMO and supports a wide frequency range. Scripts are generated automatically and controlled through a robust and versatile web-based user interface. Software upgrades are rolled out throughout testbeds, ensuring no gaps in features and pricing is subscription-based, enabling predictable budgeting. UE Simulator is a preconfigured automation library that is ready for using immediately.

Sunil Kalidindi, President of US Sales, says Simnovus was looking for a partner who shared their ambition of bringing breakthrough 5G RAN validation solutions to the DOD ecosystem. Dualos was their first choice since they understand how to give comprehensive solutions to their consumers by combining best-in-class products. Dualos' knowledge is unrivaled in this industry, and they are looking forward to working with their outstanding workforce.

Simnovus complements the robust 5G test portfolio Dualos delivers to its US government customers, according to Dualos Vice President Rob Harris. As customers step away from hardware fixed test solutions and toward highly adjustable software testing, Simnovus had been a perfect fit. He further said that their 5G RAN simulation and emulation is considerably superior to any other product on the market today.

Simnovus, based in North Carolina, helps innovators win the 5G race by allowing for continuous testing and speedy certification. Their software-oriented strategy makes use of off-the-shelf technology, allowing its customers to run multiple testbeds in parallel.

Dualos skillfully offers go-to-market strategies and business execution for military and aerospace firms addressing the US Intel Communities and DoD ecosystem, with years of experience in business development and product management knowledge.



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