Siemon Introduces Color Coded Cable clips for Network Identification

Siemon Introduces Color Coded Cable clips for Network Identification

Enterprise Networking Mag | Monday, July 09, 2018

WATERTOWN, CT: Siemon, provider of global network infrastructure, releases new color-coded cable clips that will enable Data Center administrators to differentiate between various network systems, in a cost effective manner. These cable clips are highly visible and have a secure fit to the cable.

The cable clips are available in eight colors, and can be attached securely to Siemon cables including copper cables, high speed direct attach cables (DACs). LC BladePatch fiber jumpers, and standard LC (Lucent Connector), SC (Subscriber Connector) and MTP (Multiple Fiber Pull Off) fiber jumpers used in ethernet, InfiniBand and Fibre Channel Networks.

The five different sizes, in which the color-coded cable clips come in, enable users to fit them to cable diameters ranging from 2.4 to 7.4 mm. Moreover, they are available in a clip that attaches to the plug instead of the cable. Plug clips are available for attaching to Siemon TERA Category 7A, Z-MAX Category 6A and MC Category 6 modular cords.

The color-coded cable clips act as a substitute for stocking jumpers and patch cords in different jacket colors that are usually costly, in order to segregate various networks based on their application, type of data transmitted or equipment connected. The color-coded cable clips also help in saving time and eliminate the possibility of errors while moving, adding or changing the cables.

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