SD-WAN: Overcoming Today's Network Issues

SD-WAN: Overcoming Today's Network Issues

Enterprise Networking Mag | Monday, February 25, 2019

A wide area network, or WAN, is deployed to link multiple business networks together. Enterprises already have enough complications under networking. Thus, they are shifting to software-defined networking (SDN), which improves network speed, is much more reliable, cost-efficient to build and user-friendly to operate.

Implementation of SD-WAN by enterprises has resolved a lot of issues, and the benefits to the work explored are countless. SD-WAN boosts the overall performance of a company’s corporate network, thus affecting customer satisfaction in a much positive manner. It directly uses all of the network provisions, improving the agility of a company significantly. As SD-WAN uses software to reroute excess traffic across multiple connections, it becomes much more efficient and flexible. Multiple connections like multiprotocol label switching (MPLS), LTE, and broadband are used for transferring data efficiently from one location to another. SD-WAN reduces jitters in information transfer from one network to another network. It also fixes dropped information packet and improves data transfer. SD-WAN can prioritize the traffic in a company’s network. When compared to carrier class MPLS connections, SD-WAN is extremely cost-efficient and helps an enterprise to draw out their available network connections full potential without the issue of maintaining backups. It makes use of the internet to establish a secure and high performing network to remove backhaul penalties. SD-WAN streamlines the workflow, extending wide area network (WAN) to multiple public clouds, integrates third-party applications such as existing management tools for operational billing services and support. It can be quickly deployed and can manage multiple devices.

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SD-WAN is not to be mistaken for WAN optimization tool, and it does not eliminate the necessity of WAN optimization. WAN optimization improves application performance over a distance and can efficiently transport large sets of data. Latency cannot be dismissed with all of the bandwidth in the world, as the physical distance is a fundamental construct that cannot be ignored.

There are plenty of other advantages to the applications of SD-WAN, like increased security and lowering bandwidth costs. IT enterprises have to consider applying hybrid WAN architectures to improve performance and cost benefits of internet circuits.

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