SDN for Transport Adoption and Acceleration Through the Telecom...

SDN for Transport Adoption and Acceleration Through the Telecom Infra Project

Enterprise Networking Mag | Thursday, April 29, 2021

Enterprises today are delighted to be part of a new initiative and drive SDN for Transport adoption together with a strong quorum of operators.

FREMONT, CA: The significant promise of software-defined networking (SDN) is to centralize and simplify control of enterprise network management. Different vendors make different claims, but the most commonly cited benefits of software-defined networking are traffic programmability, greater agility, the potential to create policy-driven network supervision, and deploying network automation. The promise of SDN is the capacity to allow networks to keep pace with the speed of change.

In the recent past, the telecom sector has gone through a significant transformation triggered by software-defined networking (SDN) technologies. The development and adoption of open interfaces is a critical factor for adopting open and disaggregated technologies. Companies are delighted to see such a strong pull of operators starting this activity, and they encourage others to join and work with them. Leading telecom operators are starting to create a new sub-group within the Open Optical & Packet Transport project group. The main objective of this is to accelerate and drive the adoption of SDN standards for IP/MPLS, Optical, and Microwave transport technologies.

This is the right way to push the sector in the same direction and attain a more agile standardization and deployment of an open Transport SDN architecture. The application methodology followed by the operators is vital to define common needs and technical specifications that will drive technology and service providers’ implementations moving forward. Here, operators will define the use cases, their workflows, and the set of data models required to fulfill them, incorporated into specification documents. Working along with standardization bodies like ONF, IETF and Openconfig will ensure that the companies achieve vendor interoperability and standardization of multivendor networks across their markets. This will go a long way to help firms achieve their ambition of accelerating automation of the Transport network.

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