Safeguarding Enterprises against Password Attacks

Safeguarding Enterprises against Password Attacks

Enterprise Networking Mag | Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Network SecurityWhile password managers can be expensive, they often save businesses money in the long run. A password manager can help streamline the company at a technical level between loss of productivity from forgotten passwords and IT overhead for resetting accounts. Small and medium-sized enterprises can benefit from strong passwords to protect against hackers and safeguard valuable information.

The dictionary attack is the most common type of password attack that the hackers are using today. Hackers use millions of possibilities from the dictionary, that which may resemble the correct password. This method works because people most of the time make use of the words and phrases as their passwords. The simple way to be safe from this attack is avoiding the words or arrangements in the passwords. So if people don't use common words, hackers can't crack the right password.

Brute force attack is another common type of passphrase attack. In this attack, hackers search for the password systematically until they get the right password. This attack is more time consuming as compared to a dictionary attack as it involves computational overhead.

To manage the passwords more powerfully the multiple factors of authentication should be deployed, automatic login features need to avoid, and for every site and accounts, the different password should be used. Since big tech companies like Google and Apple use two-step verification, it is an indicator that every other small business should probably also use it. Finally, while using two or more factors to authenticate self, multiple factor verification is most suitable. This is what every company should try to achieve, but it is not always realistic. Checking the options such as remember me or log me in automatically in some way allows the password to be captured by even the novice hacker.

If the same secure password is used for multiple accounts, the password is actually less secure, and the chances of finding it are increased. Even small companies can get economical with a family plan at 1Password or a LastPass team plan. Paying per user is the end game for these products, but options such as Dashlane make it worth the cost to each user with a full license.

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