Refining Network Monitoring with these Five Essentials

Refining Network Monitoring with these Five Essentials

Enterprise Networking Mag | Monday, April 01, 2019

Network MonitoringNetwork monitoring is a process that involves a regular check on a computer network for slow and failing components. The network monitoring tools provide IT personnel with insights into the systems which further helps in analyzing a network’s performance, efficiency, and security. Monitoring tools such as network performance monitors (NPMs) use a variety of monitoring techniques to provide users with valuable performance analysis.

Find out these five network monitoring techniques that will help the company to gain the best perception into their network’s operation.

• Log Files monitoring

Log files provide basic information such as operation status and results, errors, and much more. Monitoring these log files will help IT administrators to know the performance of the systems and mission-critical applications in real-time.

• Ping Monitoring

It refers to a practice of periodically pinging a computer or device and then sending alerts if ping response is not received or if it is received too late. When the target node sends back an “all clear” message, the monitor deduces that the node is up-and-running. Pings are simple monitoring technique but are still a great way to examine if devices are currently running.

• SNMP Monitoring

SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) provides monitoring tools and nodes a common language to communicate with each other. The system entirely relies on agents inside the devices to provide information to network managers and monitoring tools. NPMs that include SNMP monitoring have a common framework that can communicate with each other, centralizing and simplifying monitoring capabilities.

• NetFlow Monitoring

NetFlow systems use packet traps to monitor the traffic that passes through a part of the network. The NetFlow probes capture traffic data and then send it to a monitoring tool for analysis. The analysis examines this network traffic flow and volume to determine how data moves through the network. Flow-based monitoring systems, including NetFlow, analyze the conversations between devices and ensure that the data is traveling along the network path seamlessly.

• SQL Query Monitoring

To monitor databases that are connected to a network, mobiles can utilize SQL queries. These queries fetch out the information from a database which concerns the number of data requests, and transmission. By using the available data, a monitor can determine if the database is performing adequately or not. Also, the database must send data across a network to accommodate for every request it receives, and if the database performs slowly, the monitoring tool can detect it and inform the network team.

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