Reconsidering Network Security Strategy

Reconsidering Network Security Strategy

By Enterprise Networking Mag | Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Network SecurityThe increasing reliance on technology is making it more and more essential to secure every aspect of online data. As the internet evolves and the network grows in size, data integrity remains a concern for businesses. At its core, network security means the business can routinely deliver on the goods and services which their customers expect. As the pressure mounts around the issues like data privacy and data usage, the business' digital ethics must evolve with it.

Considerations for Planning, Structuring and Deploying a New Network Security Strategy

The more growth a network undergoes, the less visibility the security team has over the infrastructure. But there will be clear triggers telling the business to reconsider its network security strategy. The organization needs to feel confident about security, and business leaders must ensure that security will both enable it to conduct business without constraints or excessive fear of potential breaches.  Planning makes sure that the organization has ample tools to carry out the strategy. Along with this, the operation teams want to ensure that the security strategy doesn’t impact IT service levels and that it is not a burden to manage. The enterprise architecture team is responsible for the overall network design and needs to be sure it both fits with the current conception and evolve to meet future needs. Security strategies developed haphazardly will fail to secure assets and to achieve a customer expectation for security. Below provided are considerations for planning, structuring and deploying a new network security strategy.

• Identify network assets
• Analyze security risks
• Develop a security plan
• Develop procedures for applying security policies
• Develop a technical implementation strategy
• Achieve buy-in from users, managers, and professional staff
• Train users, managers, and technical staff
• Implement the technical approach and security procedures

It is important to remember that a ripe network security strategy involves constant review and maintenance. So it is not enough to create security policies and leave them to do their job because attackers keep themselves updated.  

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