Rajant Corporation Further Expands Investment in Europe

Rajant Corporation Further Expands Investment in Europe

Enterprise Networking Mag | Friday, July 24, 2020

To deliver simple, robust, and fail-proof mobile wireless broadband solutions in challenging environments, it is mission-critical for companies to add good wireless network alternatives.

FREMONT, CA: The pioneering provider of Kinetic Mesh wireless networks, Rajant Corporation enters into a strategic distribution agreement with Norway's Emcom AS, a Scandinavian channel distributor and solutions-advisor of antennas, routers, sensors, industrial network products, and cellular solutions. This collaboration illustrates Rajant's further investment in Europe to increase coverage in markets like mining, ports, public safety, construction, and other emerging markets.

Rajant Corporation is delighted to welcome Emcom as its distributor in Norway. The company has been increasing its activity in the Nordic Countries across mining and construction, ports, and industrial mobility requirements, so it considers the partnership with Emcom as an opportunity to work with integrators and resellers. Emcom's team has a thorough technical understanding of wireless signal propagation in challenging environments, so adding Rajant to their portfolio provides a very powerful mission-critical ability for the region.

As Norway's pioneering distributor of industrial communication products in 4G/LTE, Emcom offers communication solutions for mission-critical operations. There has been a lack of better alternatives in environments such as in mines, tunnels, quarries, and more, and with Rajant's patented Kinetic Mesh, Emcom is now able to deliver its partners a simple, robust, and false-proof mobile wireless broadband solution, which assures M2M communication and connectivity even in the harshest environments.

Rajant Corporation is the provider of private wireless networks fueled by the patented Kinetic Mesh network, BreadCrumb wireless nodes, and InstaMesh networking software. With Rajant, customers can easily deploy an adaptable and scalable network that uses the power of real-time data to provide on-demand, critical business intelligence. A low-latency, high-throughput, and secure solution for several data, voice, video, and autonomous applications, Kinetic Mesh networks offer industrial customers with full mobility, enabling them to take their private network applications and data anywhere. The company has successful deployments in more than 60 countries for customers in military, mining, ports, rail, oil & gas, petrochemical plants, municipalities, and agriculture.

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